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Practicing excellence
in rehabilitative & 
preventative patient care

Whether you’re a young sports enthusiast, construction worker, business professional, busy parent, or retired senior, we dedicate ourselves to improving, restoring, and maintaining movement and activity so you can live at an optimal quality of life. As our patient, you can expect best-in-class physical therapy that fits your lifestyle.

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Mary Ann Fotinos

The one on one services at Tri Physical Therapy are nothing short of exceptional. Barb is extremely knowledgeable, and her technical knowledge and skills are matched by her friendly and caring approach. Barb has assembled an outstanding team including physical and massage therapists and administrative staff who are focused on patients’ individual needs. I cannot say enough positive things about the unique environment and approach at Tri Physical Therapy, including therapeutic use of Pilates reformers. I have enjoyed my physical therapy sessions so much that I plan to continue Pilates indefinitely. If you’re thinking about it, please make an appointment with Barb or her staff. You won’t regret it!

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Tri Physical Therapy's Physical Therapists are not only trained in traditional therapeutic exercises but also Pilates. They are experts at modifying and adapting exercises to our patients' changing strength needs with the shared goal of getting the patient back to a pain-free activity level, whether for daily function or competitive sports.

Physical Therapy

Dry Needling

A valuable treatment used to decrease muscular pain and stiffness by releasing shortened bands of muscle tissue known as trigger points.


Setting the standard for soft tissue therapy by regenerating healthy soft tissue.

Cupping Therapy

Effectively releases trigger points, myofascial adhesions, reduces pain and swelling, and can help with lymphatic drainage.


Medical Massage


From start to finish you can expect undivided attention for a full hour with our licensed Physical Therapist. We prioritize patient education and clear communication on what your customized treatment program will look like. Follow-up visits are designed to get you out of pain and back to living the life you love.

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