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Our mission is to provide complete and best in class patient rehabilitation through Physical Therapy, Pilates, and Myotherapy. We take pride in what we offer and want our patients to receive personalized, one-on-one attention and our policies reflect our dedication to quality service and timely patient care.  


PT, DPT, ASTYM, Tri Physical Therapy Founder

Barbara Goldsworthy first received her Bachelor of Science in Health at Saint Francis University of Pennsylvania. She continued her studies, receiving her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2012. During high school, Barbara was diagnosed with severe scoliosis that required surgery, fusing 12 levels of her thoracic/lumbar spine. It was through this experience that Barbara realized her love for Physical Therapy and  passion for helping others recover their full potential through better biomechanics. 



  • Shoulder injuries (Rotator cuff, labral tears)

  • Low back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Whiplash

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Bursitis

  • Tendintis (Tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, plantar fasciitis, bicep tendonitis)

  • IT band syndrome

  • Sciatica

  • Piriformis syndrome

  • SI dysfunction

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Thoracic outlet syndrome

Pre & Post-Surgical Rehab


  • Joint replacements

  • Ligament/ tendon repairs

  • Spine surgery

  • Cartilage regeneration surgery




  • Overuse injuries

  • ACL tears

  • Meniscus injuries

  • Tommy John surgery

  • Ankle sprains/strains

  • Dance related injuries

  • Gymnastic related injuries

  • Return to sport protocols

  • Tibia/ fibula fractures

                   Women's Health


  • Diastasis recti

  • SI dysfunction

  • Piriformis syndrome

  • Sciatic nerve pain

  • Pubic symphysis dysfunction

  • Pelvic floor weakness

  • Pre and Postnatal strengthening and conditioning

  • Osteoporosis


  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Post- stroke/ CVA

  • Vestibular

  • Fall risk/ loss of balance

  • POTS

  • Ehler-Danlos Syndrome

  • Gait training

  • Radicular symptoms 



  • Headaches/ migraines

  • Poor posture

  • Muscle imbalances/ weakness

  • Deconditioning

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Degenerative Joint Disease

I came to Barb after a car crash and had extremely bad back and hip pain. After a few sessions I could see a big difference with my mobility. They're welcoming, caring and comfortable and really take passion in their work. The cupping was amazing and Renee's massages are incredible! Hands down Tri Physical Therapy was the best choice i made to go for my injuries. Bottom line, if you want to get better go to Tri Physical Therapy!

- Ryan M. 

The team at Tri-Physical Therapy is phenomenal, compassionate and thorough. I have been treated by Barb for over four years. My job is very physical and she has helped me overcome and live with the issues it has caused. Her techniques have helped me become strong and flexible, which has allowed me to continue to work in the profession I love. Her massage therapists are knowledgeable and know how to do the follow up work after working with Barb. Her employees are all caring, patient and friendly. I truly enjoy going to my appointments because of the atmosphere of healing Tri-Physical Therapy has. I highly recommend this business to anyone who has any sort of need for physical therapy and therapeutic massage.

- Kathryn D.

Words can’t describe how thankful I am to Dr. Barb! Without her, I’d still be in terrible shape. She helped me safely and, at my own pace, get stronger and heal. She’s shown me I have strength I never knew. I also have a newfound love of Pilates because of her. And best of all, I’ve gained a friend. She is a truly wonderful Physical Therapy Doctor! Thank you Dr. Barb!

- Kristin H.



tri physical therapy

Tri-Physical Therapy is a Pilates focused rehabilitation studio in Phoenix. This intimate, calm space fosters a uniquely positive therapy experience where patients are able to focus on the work of healing and returning to the lifestyle they enjoy.

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   Saturday 7:00am - 12:00pm

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