We understand that your referral choice for physical therapy is a direct reflection of your trust. Our focus is obtaining the best results for your patients and maintaining good communication with you on their progress is our priority.





Pilates based rehab is more effective in improvement of TaA activation and decreasing pain levels in patients with CLBP (Complement Ther Med. 2017)


Pilates methods and equipment allow for efficient neuromuscular coordination that helps the body achieve activation of dormant or underused musculature. The goal is to educate the patient, working to create a habitual and unconscious positive movement pattern. Under the direct supervision of a physical therapist, patients will become more familiar with their body awareness and develop more effective movement patterns to prevent pain and discomfort. As a result, Pilates effectively makes patients more aware of their posture and mind/body connection, stabilizes and creates more energy-efficient ADLs, and decreases the likelihood of injury. 

Simply fax over your prescription along with the patient's information and we'll take care of the rest.

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After receiving your prescription, we'll contact the patient for scheduling. Our office staff will work with them to coordinate all needed patient information and insurance requirements. As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify their out-of-network physical therapy benefits before their arrival to determine if there will be a copay, deductible, or coinsurance for therapy services.

Keeping you up to date on your patient's progress is our priority. Maintaining a good line of communication with your office by providing timely written reports while also keeping you updated on your patient's progress is our promise. 

common injuries & conditions

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joint replacement rehab

si dysfunction

neck pain

low-back pain

spinal surgery rehab

golfer's elbow


whiplash injuries




Multiple Sclerosis


CVA/Post stroke

vestibular disorders

gait training

fall risk assessment



Rotator Cuff Tears

ACL Tears

runninig injuries

Ankle Sprains



Diastasis Recti

Pelvic Floor Weakness


Piriformis Syndrome

sciatic pain

Tri Physical Therapy does not employ aides, assistants, or techs. Our highly skilled Physical Therapists spend a full hour each appointment delivering one-on-one care specific to the patient's needs. Every visit.





Pilates method showed significant reduction of Cobb angle, increased trunk flexion and decreased pain in female patients with scoliosis (Movement Therapies 2012)


Our aim is not only to effectively heal our patient's current condition but to teach preventative techniques that will serve them for the rest of their life. Our Physical Therapists are certified experts that thoughtfully customize each treatment plan using a variety of techniques:


  • Pilates

  • Dry Needling


  • Cupping Therapy


Pilates is a low-impact, safe-for-all-ages-and-activity-levels form of exercise that effectively develops body awareness, strength and flexibility while establishing proper posture and movement throughout daily activities.


Our Physical Therapists are trained in both traditional Physical Therapy exercises as well as Pilates-based exercises and are experts at modifying and adapting exercises to our patients’ changing strength needs.


Our Massage Therapists are Licensed practitioners that have advanced training in soft tissue manual therapy and work closely alongside the Physical Therapists to facilitate and expedite patient recovery.


This important component of our custom treatment plans effectively reduces pain perception, eases muscle tension, and flushes out metabolic toxins that build up in injured tissues.