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Tri-Physical Therapy is a distinctive facility and we strive at providing the utmost care for our patients and clients.  We have combined and incorporated three important components for the body’s mechanics/functionalities: Physical Therapy, Pilates, and Myotherapy. 

Physical Therapy is a way to help you prevent injury or to help you recover from an existing injury. It addresses movement dysfunction and enhances physical and functional abilities. 

Myotherapy improves flexibility, decreases pain from adhesions and trigger points, increases blood flow and allows soft tissues to contract and relax the way they are intended. 

Pilates is a powerful, low-impact, safe for all ages and activity levels exercise system that improves core strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and coordination. 


Tara F.

I have experienced tremendous relief with aches, pains, muscle distress, & injury recover at this amazing facility. They are knowledgeable, professional and extremely pleasant to work with. Their various techniques on overall body work and healing is extensive. Their dry-needling, Pilates, cupping technique, and deep tissue massage are sure to aid and cure anyone! I highly recommend calling today and discussing your needs with their friendly staff. You will not regret making the appointment.

Brandon S.

I get real catered Physical therapy because the staff keeps up with my needs at every visit. The doctor pays attention and adjusts workouts when appropriate. I wouldn't look elsewhere.

James W.

Awesome place to go for P.T. and message!!! The people who work here are the best!!! I recommend family and friends here.

Always a good experience - very professional.

Kathleen O.

Very knowledgeable staff and they do treatments you might not find other places such as dry needling and cupping. Therapeutic Massages are first rate also! Highly recommend these women!

Navneet T.

Barb and her team are extremely professional and competent. I have had a very good experience with physiotherapy. I would highly recommend her and her team.

Chelsea C.

Robyn H.

These therapists are truly gifted. I have had 2 spinal surgeries and have spent most of my adult life dealing with some level of chronic pain, to the point that it felt like a way of life. After giving up on finding the perfect combination of chiropractic, massage and PT, a friend and co-worker referred me to Tri-PT. I wish I had listened sooner! After just 3 visits I could already see an INSANE improvement in my overall flexibility and pain reduction. I have continued therapy for the past 6 months and my overall health and comfort have come a LONG way. A combination of cupping, dry needling, PT including pilates, and massage therapy- this office has it all! These ladies really understand anatomy and mechanics and will quickly get you on the path to feeling well! I can't recommend them more highly. But you probably shouldn't go or tell your friends, because I don't want to have trouble getting an appointment.

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Tri-Physical Therapy is a Pilates focused rehabilitation studio in Phoenix. This intimate, calm space fosters a uniquely positive therapy experience where patients are able to focus on the work of healing and returning to the lifestyle they enjoy.

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